Code of Conduct


We, the Boards of Directors of MTI, understands that the implementation of Corporate Governance is highly necessary and important to create sustainable business activities of the Company and improved corporate image.

We are sincerely committed from time to time and in good faith to improve the implementation of the Corporate Governance principles and make the effort to make it necessary and important for all shareholders in MTI. As such, to ensure the implementation of the Corporate Governance for the achievement of high standards based on best practices. We will consistently strive to achieve the vision and mission of MTI based on Corporate Governance.

Corporate Image –

The image of MTI which was established based on corporate values serves as the foundation to the employees to execute the operational activities, particularly in interacting and serving the Company’s customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

All employees utilize and develop their own capacities and constantly create innovations for the Company’s benefit and maintain company’s image, loyalty and infrastructures and comply with what they should do or should not do to ensure shareholder and customer satisfaction.

Protecting Company’s Assets –

MTI’s assets include tangible (buildings, money, equipment and system information technology) and intangible (intellectual property rights, trade secrets, inventions, business and technical information of sensitive nature, computer application programs, business and production knowledge and expertise) assets to be utilized properly and according to the authority given by the management.

MTI’s assets cannot be used for personal benefit. All transactions should be approved by the management taking into account the delegation authority, review processes, and internal approval procedures.

Internal Control, Safety, Healthy and Environment –

Develop an effective functional internal control system to protect corporate assets and investments, and secure consistent implementation of Corporate Governance.

Ensure that information or data managed and reported are accurate, reliable, timely, consistent and useful for all parties, and as regulated by prevailing policies, procedures, rules and laws and regulations.

Carry out regular and periodic audits, evaluations and consultations regarding the capacities, effectiveness, consistency and quality of work of the operational management of MTI.

MTI guarantees a safe and healthy working environment for each employee, and provides sufficient infrastructures and facilities, and make available a work place free of any discriminatory acts and sexual harassment. The Company also provides and guarantees legal protection and a comfortable working environment.

MTI seeks to guarantee its personnel’s safety and health while working for the Company. It develops various occupational health and safety management programs and support social security board (SSB).

MTI prohibits any use, sale, purchase, transfer, possession or intake of illegal drugs by any individual on the Company’s premises. This prohibition does not apply for prescribed or legally-consumed drugs.

Corporate Governance


Our Board of Director believes that corporate governance framework is the foundation for effective implementation of good governance. Corporate governance is the system of principles, policies, procedures, and clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities of the different participant in the organization such as the board, management, shareholders and stakeholders.

The Company through top level management MD/CEO and Board of Directors shall be committed to the implementation of Corporate Governance, which will be gradually delivered to the whole elements of organization.

Our main objectives of implementing the policy is

  •    To direct and control the work relation with General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors and Management.
  •    To enhance the responsibility of company’s management to shareholders by considering the interest of shareholders.
  •    To create a definite work relationship between the Company and shareholders.
  •    To direct corporate vision and mission achievement.
  •    To align as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporations, and society.

We are committed as “Corporate Governance the culture of the Company” and to achieve this goal, the Company has set the mission for Good Corporate Governance as follows:

  •    To realize the achievement of corporate sustainability through governance based upon the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness.
  •    To realize the empowerment of the function and independence of each corporate body, that is, the General shareholders Meeting, the Board of Directors and Management.
  •    To realize a condition in which all corporate bodies make their decisions and implement them on the basis of high moral values and adherence to existing laws and regulations.

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